Sunday x Magazine Figure: B Kinu


 Sunday x Magazine Figure: B Kinu, well notting much to say bout this figure~~ i bought it at it was on sale for just 465Yen~~ what i can say is.. i wanted the background, the desk and the chair~~ kinu wasnt my target ^^. Anyway for those who didnt know kinu Himuro here’s a nit of info on her, she’s a ghost.. she’s working with mikami in the anime/manga Ghost Sweeper Mikami.


The whole set look really nice ^^ the detail are quite good ~~ reasonable for the prices ^^


she’s holding a ~~~ ghost detector or something~~~ dont really know the specific name~~lolz~~


Kinu figure really can stand well, it’s a well balance cheap figure ^^ + she look so innocent


some closed up~~~


another one~~~


Her back really look nice~~~ but a bit dirty there~~~


same goes here ^^ .. notting much to say bout it~~~

Overall the figure are cheap.. dirt cheap, it was on sale~~… kinu face expression were like… abit blur?.. but the back ground are nice + the chair and the desk now can be used for my figma figure ^^ (that was the main reason i bought it ^^) anyway who ever love ghost sweeper mikami should buy this.. i think this is one of those rare anime that come out with figure ^^


3 thoughts on “Sunday x Magazine Figure: B Kinu

  1. I think Ghost Sweeper Mikami is categorized as a classic by now. 🙂
    I loved it too. Use to buy the comics in another language (mandarin) eventhough I didn’t know how to read it. Lol!

    I guess I always assumed that I would eventually learn it one day…

  2. @blur: huhu it is classic i read the malay ver. since high school ^^ but they didnt finish the series tho.. it’s a shame~~~ the manga was saikou dess ^^

  3. Very nice set! Kinu-chan looks so sweet! 🙂

    GS Mikami is really good indeed. For people who don’t have access to the licensed & published versions, we know there’s always scanlations. ^^

    Btw, the ghost detector is called Kenki-kun, and I have no idea on the larger shadow, but the small shadow is Yokoshima’s shadow.

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