Vampire Knight Guilty Photoshoot~~

Well i did a photoshoot on Vampire Knight Cosplay on the 30th August. The cosplayer were quite nice ^^ friendly, it was my 1st private photoshoot. Even tho the time was very short but manage to pull it off IMO… if there is a next time i would really like to do it earlier ^^

Gallery :- My Flickr (yes.. i have a flickr…)

the cast? :-

Cosplayer : – ZCdave (Kaname), Wendy (Zero) & Meiko (Yuuki Vampire ver.)

Photographer :- Kusakabemisao, Razrig, Linkin, Edo & Eddron

Location : Melaka, St. Paul Hill

The cosplayer did bring couple of helper (sorry forgot ur guys name TT___TT gomen nee) to help set up their costume. It was fun.




3 thoughts on “Vampire Knight Guilty Photoshoot~~

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