di:stage – Basic Set / Black ver.


Yeah introducing the distage – basic set for figma ^^,  just recently bought it~~ was doing notting today so when for a walk to Berjaya Time Square at Sungai wang, K.L found the set at XL-Shop ^^. Only bought 1 tho~~ well the Hiragi sister will help me with the review ^^.


1St of all.. the wraping… really well seal, even got a bauble wrap!!.. very unexpected~~


Here the stuff that came out of the box~~ the manual, the base, some holder and etc doesnt seem to be complicated~~


Take out from the main plastic wraping… reading the manual….


After reading the manual & stuff finally manage to assamble it~~ (it was quite easy), i should have bought 2 of them~~ will look more complete ^^. only one stand were included on the di:stage -basic set, the other are from figma figurine, it fix perfectly on the base (kagami using the distage stand ^^ she seem very happy with it ^^)


The standard stand for the distage look like a crap hand ^^ quite ok~~ i guess but the best thing is that it can change the head ^^ other option were given ^^


I only know the backround holder other i donno what the used of it~~ huhuhu


The comparison between figma standard stand and the distage stand.. figma has a longer neck compare to the distage.


Here’s all the accessories that come with it~~.. background holder, stand and extension joint (seriously i should get 2 of the distage~~~)


Here’s how u used the background holder… (i should choose a better background lol~~) clip it at the bottom ~~

The distage base are quite nice… the base are solid & it come with alot of accessories, it worth the buy ^^ for figma lovers ^^ & also dont trow away the box .. it got some extra stuff there ^^ (forgot to take photo ~~lolz~~)

Buy Display Base: di:stage Basic Set (Black Version) at Play-Asia.com


3 thoughts on “di:stage – Basic Set / Black ver.

  1. @ultimaweaponx: huhu~~ no money~~ TT__TT

    @kluxorious: around RM25.00.. can get lesser..but to lazy to browse around~~~

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