Figma – Meiya Mitsurugi (P.N. 040)


Figma Meiya Mitsurugi from Muv Luv manga/game. i got the figma haft month ago~~ didnt had the time or afford to do a review on her. Meiya is wearing the standard suit for her to pilot her mecha. The suit really look lovely ^^.


The box.. notting flashy just standard figma box.. same old, same old~~~


Back view & inside~~ well.. all the same ~~ a standard figma packing~~ the back image look nice ^^


This what came with her, a sword, hand set (but only 6 hand usually figma will give 8 extra hand….), standard figma stand, and standard figma bag (wonder if any of u guys used it~~ i would trade it for an extra hand huhuhu) and an extra face expression. I wasnt impress with the package they gave~~ lolz… quite dull…


1St impression on her.. she’s quite detail, the detail are quite impressive ^^ love what max factory had done. especially the shoes, damn detail ^^ really live her foot.


i really like her foot ^^ love the shoes…. really sexy haha..


2nd impression.. the hand really easy to fall down~~~ other then that i’m impress haha they. The figure can do various move, articulation vise very good ^^. I dont know much bout the character because i havent play any of their game nor read the manga, i bought her because of the character. Really tempting huhu. She can spar with shana~~ ^^

Well donno wat to tell bout the figure here’s some shoot that i take huhu hope help u guys see the quality of the figure ^^


lastly.. she does look like a tsundere ^^ maybe same as shana?… except she have bigger boobs than shana huhu..

(oh yeah i been really lazy to post anything lately.. donno why.. need to motivate self huhuhu)


4 thoughts on “Figma – Meiya Mitsurugi (P.N. 040)

  1. Kodomut: yess she do have BIG Oppai~~~ same as sumika ^^

    Rockleelotus: Thanks ^^, yeah i saw it on ur blog tho ^^ … Oppai are.. good…

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