Random Photo Shoot 6


a 1/144 hguc Xekuiens~~ he's collecting dust~~

I been very lazy lately, VERY LAZY~~. so i came out with another random post, photo are accumulating in my hard drive, some of them havent post it yet~~~

Lucky Star~~

Lucky Star~~

Manage to bring out the figma lucky star (i havent touch them for a year~~~), well atleast put them at my table for the time being. Really love seing them ^^. oh yeah .. forgot to bring out miyuki~~ gomen ne miyuki~~ T___T

tsukasa out at the window~~

tsukasa out at the window~~

I was wondering why tsukasa out at the window~~ anyway she was happy lolz~~


sumika (Muv Luv alter.)

Take out my sumika she seem to be needing some sunlight. (most ofmy figure & gundam are collecting dust ~__~, need to do something bout it). i did a review of her last time, She got really BIG Oppai

another GAR gundam~~

another GAR gundam~~

 Destiny in a look out~~ his pretty heavy with his wing and all..


his really hard to stand on my bed~~

I love his wing, very well made ^^, love Mg the detail are awesome ^^ Price are quite nice. Not as expensive as a high end pvc figure~~~ ^^

showing his GARness

look at my sword, IT'S BIG (showing his GARness)

REALLY HARD TO STAND… it fell down many time~~


tsukasa getting ready for some photo shoot

I was trying to do some proper shooting~~ but donno either it turn out well..


zudah tag along

Take out some of my dusty gundam~~

zudah was trying to tackle tsukasa, but was ignore~~

zudah was trying to tackle tsukasa, but was ignore~~

Some of the pic didnt came out the way i wanted ~~~


konata tag along~~

Really like her face expression~~ so plain haha


lucky star group shoot (again i forget to get miyuki~~)

 They look lovely~~ (lazy to change the hand~~oh well)


another shoot of them

Look so small~~


C.C from code geass

Manage to take out C.C. ,she’s looking sexy as ever ^^ (i havent touch her for a while~~)

love her hair

Now become one of my permenent resident at my desk~~


free figure form newtype Mari!!

Evangelion 2.0 .. i havent watch it~~~ man hope it come out to the cinema like 1.0~~~



I love girl with glasses…. They turn me on~~~


Dusty Zudah~~

And yet zudah also get a photo shoot~~~ a 1/144 hg gundam look really nice ^^


Kagami, Kagami, Kagami~~~ love the tsundere ness in her~~ ^^
well that’s all for now~~ maybe should start reviewing some anime… lately been alot of figure stuff.. not good for blog~~~~

6 thoughts on “Random Photo Shoot 6

  1. @Phossil: also LOVE luck star !!^^!! especially kagami & konata huhu the FTW!!~~

    @Kluxorious: Yup… ALOT of DUST~~… need major Cleaning~~ most of my gundam are exposed to dust~~ T___T

    @Kodomut: huhu i tot u already have kagami?… huhu y not do some post for her ^^

  2. 5615 and 5671 ftw! :p
    Looks so cute!

    Just occured to me.. Can you shower a gundam? I know you can wash figma’s since I do that but Gundam kits?

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