VF-25f doesnt seem happy~~

Will be hiatusing for couple of day~~ due to Raya Celebration~~ well, here’s some pic that i took for the last couple of day~~~

Manage to take out Some revoltech action figure ^^.. been sleeping in the box for to long ~~


Nagato Yuki~~ from suzumiya haruhi ^^ quite taller then the figma ^^ she seem more real then figma ^^


closed up ^^ looking nice with her plain expression


Her guitar^^ no string~~ well.. it’s cheap what do u expect lol~~..


Revoltech are taller~~ (dont mind the background an old manga that i still read~~)


Also manage to take out Revoltech Haruhi along with her guitar ^^ love the guitar look d@mn nice!!! huhu Didnt take anything else from the box, was to lazy~~ oh yeah haruhi guitar also had no string~~~ nyoro~~n


Oh yeah.. here some NotSo GARR shoot of destiny~~ dont mind the dust still had no time to clean it ~~~


VF-25f before hiatusing~~

IMG_5738 copy

I did try out some lomographic on some of my pic~~ dont think it turn out well… was influance from Kodomut & Kluxorious they did some nice pic on lomo ^^ Especially Queen’s Blade Valkyries Mirim that Kodomut own~~ i really LOVE to have one~~

IMG_5776 copy

A phail photo with some not so lomo effect~~~


Just wondering which C.C do guys like? c.c the 1st season or


C.C in R2?… i love R2 c.c ^^

Oh yeah will be back online maybe in a week time~~ No anime review lately…. still~~


3 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. @phossil : Come back already~~ hiatus have been cut short~~~
    @Hangmen : heard ur AK47 round er.. did u also shoot a round of bazooka or an AAT at the air also??

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