Taylor’s ASABAN Festival


Another ACG (Anime,comic,game) event will be held this month, the Taylor’s Asaban Festival \(^o^)/


The Venue

Event Name : Taylor’s Asaban Festival

Location : Multipurpose Hall at Taylor’s University College Main Campus, SS15 Subang Jaya (can refer the map here)

Entrance Fees : RM7.00 for ACG Session, FREE for Matsuri Session

Date : 26th September 2009

Time : ACG Session 11.00 Am – 4.00 Pm, Matsuri Session 6.00 Pm to 11.00 Pm

Event Schedule : Refer here

Website : Taylor’s Asaban Festival Official website

Will be going to the event, for ACG & matsuri session (event thoug i dont have a yutaka to wear). I’ll be covering Cosplayer at most for the event~~ yeah… as always ^^…… some other blogger will be also going will meet them there ^^. Hope for the best^^


P/s- just got back from kuantan~~ damn tired~~~ need rest.. maybe~~

*Some update on Taylor Asaban ^^ Thanks to AstrayP03 for providing me the pic ^^


5 thoughts on “Taylor’s ASABAN Festival

  1. hey, AstrayP03 here… changed to wordpress a few days ago… pls relink, sorree xD

    I’m going too… you will be able to wear a yukata there haha…

    are you by any chance from taylors, too? :S

  2. @mr. Lonely Heart : ok… ur name are to long~~~ i prefer AstrayP03~~ huhuhu will change ur link at bmy blogrolls ^^, i dont own a yutaka TT__TT.. nope i’m not from taylor ^^ maybe will see u there??

    @phossil : hopefully got lot of people ^^, now praying for lot of cosplayer to come at the acg event huhuhu

  3. oops… sorry… forgot to change that name too… xD still new to wordpress… hehe

    yeah, maybe i’ll see you there, if i recognise you… that is xP

    and I meant you will be able to wear a yukata there, as in a yukata wiill be provided i think… can take pics etc etc…

    here’s an email they sent me:

    Subject: ASABAN Festival: Wear yukata for free! Have you ever put on a yukata?
    A yukata is a traditional Japanese summer robe. In fact, if you wanna see what it looks like, our poster girl is wearing a yukata! Image link below. http://www.facebook.com/l/84892;img10.imageshack.us/i/taylorsasabanfestival.jpg/
    Original, made-in-Japan, yukatas can cost up to a minimum of RM300 inclusive of tax and shipping fees!! However, at Taylor’s Asaban Festival, everyone will get a chance to try on the traditional robe for FREE!!!! Yeah, that’s right. Feel free to camwhore too! (We may even provide you with a pretty backdrop for your camwhoring needs. XD)

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