Taylor’s Asaban Festival Cosplay Report


Well.. just got back from asaban~~ didnt go to the masuri~~ to tired, need to got to melaka tomorrow~~ i’ll try to upload some of the cosplayer picture that i took ^^… but 1st.. enjoy the mikuo cosplayer photo~~ one of the best that for that day (IMO \(^o^)/)

Will do some write-on bout the it later on~~~……… to sleepy ^^

To tell the truth, not many cosplayer came to Taylor’s Asaban ^^ , maybe the timing wasn’t right~~  oh well ^^ but, there are some good cosplayer on that day ^^. There were some one V.K, some Vocaloids (mikuo, rin, kaito), Axis Power Hetalia (i only know Taiwan ~~ other 2 i don’t recognize ~~ gomen nee), Mario ^^ as always ^^, Tsukamoto Tenma from School Rumble (she’s really small ^^ & friendly ^^), Vizard Ichigo from bleach ^^(very nice mask ^^), Tamaki From ouran~~ (he was into the character~~~ ), Sasuke from Naruto ^^ (ah ha thanks for the oreo rose ^^ my stomach loving it huhuhu). As u can see i’m very bad at writing. T__T

To end all up i would like to thanks to the cosplayer for letting me shoot u guys ^^ u guys were great ^^.. Arigato Gozaimasu ^^ sorry if i miss anyone~~`(coz now to lazy to redo it.. i already finish the post but accidently closed the window and lost everything~~..)

(oh yeah .. the photo havent finish uploading~~) If any of the cosplayer wanted the high res. please leave me a comment ^^ will email it to you using the email that u put ^^


20 thoughts on “Taylor’s Asaban Festival Cosplay Report

  1. Hi,

    I’m the person who cosplayed the Ichigo.

    I would like a copy of the photos of Vizard Ichigo that you took.


  2. @blur : u should u have go there ^^ huhuhuhu~~`

    @kluxorious : i think i still have some in my archive~~ will check ^^

    @Vizard Ichigo : already email ^^ please check ^^ oh yeah nice cosplaying ^^

    @Jian : already email please check ^^ funny tamaki ^^

    @linkinstreet : hahaha… lambat nyer.. pasang turbo mode lolz ^^

  3. @razrig
    “i’m still a noob on taking pic lolz”

    Lol… My photography sensei is a noob? o_0!

    Hi man.. Wished I could join you guys. -.-” Even Misao also asking me why no show. Lol!

    @klux @Vaizard Ichi
    To have Vaizard Ichigo post after klux’s comment (die-hard bleach fan) is fate itself… Hahaha…

  4. @blur : still lots of thing i dont know ^^, Yess u should join~~

    @AstrayP03 : :3 …. next try not to be so humble hoho ^^

    @ Vizard Ichigo : 1st time?? wow nice ^^ very nice ichigo ^^

  5. @astrap03 : yup ^^ klux is a big fan… cf come down to kl see ichigo inperson ^^
    @Hangmen : huhuhu ^^ i’m commenting now.. she’s D@MN good ^^, (i’ts mikuo male ver. of miku~~~)
    @Vizard Ichigo : hahahaha ^^.. u open a blog nice ^^

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