Recent aquired parcel Banpresto DX Figure – Klan Klang


Just receive my banpresto Klan Klang figure ^^, another cheap figure that i got from ^^


Just receive the parcel 20mnt ago~~ big box for a small figure~~


How they pack their stuff… no bubble wraping or damper… just a plastic seal


Standard wraping from front + side view of the box


Another side view~~


Back view~~


Figure packaging.. bubble wrap.. feel at ease when i see this


Closed up to the figure


Klan Klang really had the same size as the box pic ^^, oh yeah the leg are kinda hard to assamble…. ~~


Front view


Side view


Another side view 


Back view of the figure.


Swimsuit closed-up ^^


Back view closed up ^^


Top view


BUY ME~~~~~

My 1st impression was, Klan Klang swimsuit ARE DAMN CUTE!!!…. the figure got quite a nice detail, less manufacture flaw like c.c figures ^^, the leg are kinda hard to put it in. it have a decent quality in it, cant expact much from a cheap figure right?.. well will do a proper shoot for her later on ^^ hope enjoy the 1st impression. ^^


3 thoughts on “Recent aquired parcel Banpresto DX Figure – Klan Klang

  1. no damper?! I was like… WTF Seriously? Thank goodness they did the bubble wrapping for the figures. Jeebus.

    that aside, her twin tails and pretty back makes me want to have her. Unfortunately I’ve told myself that I will only buy PVC figures if they are Bleach’s characters. I need to discipline myself to ensure that I won’t go broke ^^”

    sucks being poor.

  2. @kluxorious : yup no damper.. but they seal it to a box size hardpaper.. so it wont move~~~ yeah the twin tail.. quite nice ^^ it remind me of miku~~ huhuhu… try lol.. 1 figure.. buy~~~ no need to constrain ur self ^^

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