Taylor’s Asaban Festival Event Report

TFM ironman figure~~ look great~~

TFM Ironman figure~~ look great~~

well here goes the event report~~,

Reach at Taylor’s at 11:10am~~ took me 20mnt to find a parking ~~, 11:30am go in to the multipurpose hall, browse around.. don’t see a lot cosplayer in the morning, even TFM (The Figure Mall) still putting figure at their display~~ well anyway.. maybe i was to early~~.

The Event Hall

The hall wasn’t to small or big it’s just O.K. for a small event ^^, the stage are quite big but the sound system are to loud~~, the sound wasn’t that good (IMO)


Front view of the hall.


The back view.

There weren’t many doujin booth that day, less stuff to see. well cant expect much from a small event. i wont be covering for the doujin booth due to the fact that i didn’t bother to see them, most of the stuff are from GACC.


TAF provide the visitor with a PS2 game display (people can play the game), a dance game & etc (forgot what else..


PS2 Booth~~~ 21 inchi tv… ok loo…


A weiss Schwarz tournament.. i really donno what it is…. it’s seem to be some kind of a card game but it’s an anime based card…


The most awaited COSPLAY CAFE!!!… well…


It isn’t that big, not much cosplayer waiter….


Even Kira Jesus Yamato taking partime on the cafe~~~…I didnt go for a bite there…


Photoshoot area, they provide a direct lighting that can barbecue the cosplayer.


The setup make me feel like shooting a wedding photo… well, make used of what they provide ^^


Here’s The Figure Mall booth, alot of anime a4 poster.. or something.. less figurine there thou. They also had some cospa stuff for sale, I wasnt that intrested~~~


Their Figure Exhibition… THEY HAD ALOT of figure~~ ican only drool at them..

here’s some of the figure that i think is intresting… ^^

IMG_6499 IMG_6519

IMG_6526 IMG_6566

IMG_6551 IMG_6560

IMG_6643 IMG_6648

IMG_6833 IMG_6834

IMG_6636 IMG_6869

IMG_6864 IMG_6865

IMG_6863 IMG_6867

IMG_6514 IMG_6516 IMG_6868 IMG_6634

IMG_6637 IMG_6520 IMG_6522 IMG_6571

IMG_6570 IMG_6633 IMG_6647

Done with the figure ~~ i didn’t take all the figure due to lack of interest~~


This is one of the booth that quite unique for me… an air brush tattoos.. never see this before ^^


oh yeah.. did i mention that there were only 2 gundam display on TAFF09?.. the airbrush booth got one of them~~ an MG doom (nice finger~~)


the other one were at the cosplay cafe counter~~ it got lost~~ (a 1/100 er.. forgot the name~~)


an also they had an Underground band playing jpop/anime song ^^,


The performance were quite good .. but the sound system.. are kinda sux~~ .. it was to D@mn loud~~ i cannot stand, standing in front of the stage..


They were singing ‘Dont Say Lazy’ fron K-ON~~


Well the event wasn’t that big, i didn’t expect much from it despite the RM7.00 entrance fees (well.. i think should be less then RM5.00) i got notting to complaining about ^^, didn’t the the PS2 though.. should have play it~~ (now regretting). The cosplayer wasn’t that much (maybe due to the lack of planing for the time frame~~(same as sun-com in sungai wang WTF on raya???…) and also the cafe were to small… less moe moe cosplayer~~~ ( I WANT MOE/TSUNDERE/LOLI COSPLAYER to SERVE ME!!!). ^^


We manage to get a snick preview of the masuri (i didnt go though~~~~maybe next time)……. lucky manage to finish up this post~~ i was taking like forever to finish this one~~~ gomen nee~~~

-due to shittymxy internet connection problem this post are to be continou later on-


5 thoughts on “Taylor’s Asaban Festival Event Report

  1. @Blur : hahaha.. only the camera~~ own didn’t attend meh?? huhuhu

    @kluxorious : yeah~~ they were abit behind schedule~~~ wat to do~~ just wait lo~~

    @AstrayP03 : they have…but only 2~~~ lolz ^^

    @B-mecha : they should~~ but there weren’t any figure on sale… back then.. the prices was normal price.. i didn’t bother though~~~ photo uploaded ^^

    sorry guys for the delay ~~~ i got some connection problem~~ seem ok today so finish it up ^^ hope u guys like it ^^

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