Animax Asia – Exclusive screening of “InuYasha The Final Act”


Went to ‘Berjaya Time Square’ today for an animax event, didn’t know much about the event though, only know that it have some Inuyasha stuff. I didn’t expect much out of it, due to the lack of information. The event was held by Animax Asia (^__^) ( i don’t own an astro~~)


Saw this GIANT flashcard formation lay on the ground~~ really big~~~ i didn’t had any idea what it is~~ at 1st.. i tough it was a giant gigsaw puzzle…. really…….


i was trying to get a good angle for the giant flashcard.. but fail.. i didn’t bring enough equipment with me~~~ because i though it was gonna be held inside the mall… (PHAIL as a photographer~~~)


Still trying to get the big picture~~~~.. (with a 50mm prime lens, i can only get this~~~)


still trying~~~


At last found a good spot for the whole pic~~ but i was to late.. they already start removing the flashcard~~, oh yeah forgot to mention, i came there at 11:00am, they were trying out the flashcard. The real event start at 2:00pm~~ due to my earliness i manage to see the try out ^^.


After 20 minute~~ they were all gone~~


I was hoping i can climb this~~ but i don’t think they would let me~~ it was the best view in house ~~~

Before the event start i manage to gain confidence/courage to ask Ranka for a photo shoot ^^

She was the invited by Animax Asia to perform at the event ^^ she was really friendly ^^u guys can go to my flickr gallery for more photo ^^, oh yeah feel free to visit her DeviantART ^^~~ Her name is Aya ^^


This was the big picture~~~ manage to snap it~~~


Some other flyer lying around~~~~ read it ^^


Saw some cheerleader people~~ i was wondering are they in the venue?…. i had no idea~~~


After the long wait.. the event start kicking~~ (saw the goody bag?… i didn’t manage to get one~~~ T___T)


they start up with a flying cheerleader ~~~yes.. they were flying~~~ i was pretty amaze~~


A very impressive performance from the cheerleader ^^


After that ~~ Ranka start singing ^^… the awaited performance ^^ (For me that is~~)


She sang 3 song ^^.. her voice were quite nice ^^ (seriously~~)


The 1st song are from inuyasha theme~~ er.. forgot the name of the song~~ gomen nee~~~ she really sang her heart out ^^


The 2nd song are from the ‘Macross Frontier’ anime ^^ (i only remember diamond dust~~~ the other one forget already~~)


After Ranka performance, cheerleader were sent flying~~~ again~~


And again, cheerleader can really fly… ^^


They really did a great performance ^^


after the performance, the crowd went to register for the flashcard formation, they say, they had a RM100.00 give away~~ didn’t pay enough attention to it tough.. + there where ALOT of people queuing for the registration~~.. i was to lazy to go there… ~___~ (the pic of the crew.. they did a hard work to make the event happen~~~ i want that t-shirt~~)

after that i went for lunch with e-jump, and miss the flashcard formation… & the goody bag~~~ T___T… i was to hungry to go on ~~~ we miss haft of the event~~~~ ( i didn’t even go to the screening~~~ well that was my false didn’t know bout it~~~)


The event was quite short.. it was meant to be for inusyasha, i didn’t expect much from it ^^ but lucky got 1 cosplayer & manage to get a photoshoot ^^ i was satisfy~~ (in my own way~~). But for me the event was really.. plain~~ well the flashcard idea were great, but they didn’t tell anything bout inuyasha. I don’t think people know what is inyusha anyway.. they should at least put up 1 or 2 episode summary at a board or something to let the people know what it is~~ or just show 1 or 2 episode at the event hall.. (event though it’s at the walk way) it will attracted people ^^ .. overall.. it was to short ^^

For other info can go straight to Animax-asia website ^^

P/S – Aya-chan Thanks letting me take ur picture ^^


4 thoughts on “Animax Asia – Exclusive screening of “InuYasha The Final Act”

  1. @hexlord : yup she is ^^, saw her shana~~ who car did she step on to?… hahaha ^^ shana really nice though~~ ^^

  2. Hey Razrig,

    Frank here. Hope you can still remember who am I? 🙂
    Btw, you were asking whose car she was stepping on… It was mine… and she left a dent on it too.. 😛

  3. @Raistlin : oh frank ^^ yeah remember u ^^
    huhuhu the car had play an important role~~ donmai~~donmai~~ ^^

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