Play-Asia Hoi Hoi-san Parcel~~~


Nagi expression were the same as i am when i saw the parcel…


The parcel were pack in not so small box.. the lenght & the high was ok.. but the thickness were shitty~~ (i’m piss-off). The thickness of the parcel box were the same as the hoi hoi-san box~~~ such act will result in~~


Bend box~~~.. u can see the damage~~


I really don’t like this~~~~…. this might be my last time buying something at PLAY-ASIA~~


Luckily there runner were ok no damage sighted… ~~ (nagi helping me inspect it~~)


Reading trough the manual… nice art ^^


HMM.. really interesting ^^ i really love the art ^^


Reading through assembly manual~~ not that hard though~~…


That remind me…. i still have 4-5 unassembled gunplay await to be assemble… T___T i didn’t had the time~~(nagi scolding me for not spending time with my hobbies but still buying stuff~~~) i wish i had the time & the mood to do so~~~ T__T


7 thoughts on “Play-Asia Hoi Hoi-san Parcel~~~

  1. waiting for your photos~! She looks so cute~ I have tons of gunpla remain in box too….=___=… some of them stacked there more than 1 year…

    @AstrayP03: She is a mini pest killing robot from a manga with same name.

  2. @kluxorious: will try to find the time~~~ my 1/144 gn archer stop haftway~~ have to finish tat one 1st~~ T___T

    @yafex: Thank you but no thanks!!!! ^^hohoho

    @AstrayP03: she’s a pests killer, they got an ova & manga for it, did some review on the manga here

    @B-mecha: hohoho~~~ hopefully can finish it~~ before year ends~~` she is cute ^^ that the only reason i bought her ~~~~~ ur the same as me ^^ huhuhu

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