Nendoroid Nagi


I know it’s abit to late to do a review bout her~~ been using her for quite sometime now~~ and had her for quite awhile~~~


The stuff that come with nagi, 2 extra face, a wand, a microphone, 4 extra arm, and 1 leg~~..


Out from the box.. seem cute ~~ love the hair ^^

IMG_5241 IMG_5242 IMG_5243

360 view of nagi~~ ^^ nendoroid does have a superb quality in their built ^^ ( I LOVE KANNAGI~~~)


Nagi playing with her wand~~~ (torchlight ~~ wand~~ no power~~)


Still playing~~ different angle~~


Her plain face.. look like she’s on god mode…


My 1st nendoroid, Built quality are great, accessories are quite limited + articulation are also limited (well cant expect much from a small figure) but quite flexible ^^. Major problem for me are only that.. she’s quite hard to stand on her own.. the stand are to big + i donno how to used it ^__^  . Other then that i’m quite satisfy with it ^^ ( i also own Zange-chan ^^ will do some posting for her later ^^)


9 thoughts on “Nendoroid Nagi

  1. I want her but I have eyes on other stuff first. I banned myself from buying or pre-order anymore figures until January comes. Damn budget gets in the way of my hobby 😦

  2. @Razrig
    Hmm.. Out of curiosity, is Nagi still damage free? :p

    “Damn budget gets in the way of my hobby” – true that..

  3. @astrayp03 : Buy lolz ^Y^

    @kluxorius : what others stuff???… huhuhuhu

    @blur : Yup she’s damage free ^^ put her back in her box ^^

    @rockleelotus : yup had them both ^^ must have a complete set of kannagi ^^

    @phossil : huhuhu yeah~~ but took those photo about amonth ago~~~ so slow to put it up~~~

  4. @Yi : yup^^ just got my nendoroid saber yuri~~ eh.. saber lily~~ ^^

    @The Envoy : no… u may not hug her~~~ She’s MINE… ALL MINEEEEE ^^^ huhuhu

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