CompAce (月刊コンプ エース ) May Issue

Well last Sunday bought a Compace (月刊コンプ エース) may issue, it’s an old one but bought it because of Kagami ^^, eating rice biscuit while reading manga/etc.

compace 02

Back view of the magazine, they are promoting some card game (Wies Schwarz). Not intrested though…

compace 03

Kagami that come with compace 5..


The part … it have 4 part as u can see ~~~ kagami seem very nice ^^


oh yeah.. kagami were design by kaiyodo.. (made in china~~)


Kagami fully assemble.. seem nice ^^, she really got that tsundere look ^^


Overall the figure look quite decent, ^^the pose are quite unique. Compace were a random buy, when to Little Akiba & saw the manga, the owner already took the WS card, so the only thing left were the figure & magazine. Took it with haft price ^^ quite a goo deal for me ^^. Really satisfy with kagami ^ she’s cute~~~ (didn’t read the manga much though.. was busy looking at kagami~~~)


4 thoughts on “CompAce (月刊コンプ エース ) May Issue

  1. @rockleelotus : yeah ^^ i was lucky ^^ when to the shop and saw it ^^ lucky i ask the shop keeper ^^ if not i wont get it huhuhu~~~ i rike pantsu~~

    @Yi : SHE IS!!!!! huhuhuhu

    @phossil : yup ^^ quite nice detailing ^^

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