Malaysia Official Launch for Sony PSP Go & PS3 Slim


~~Unexpected event~~ when to OneUtama and just go straight to the event, Sony was doing an Official lunching of the PSP Go & the PS3 Slim (120GB HDDD!!!!).. well i dont own a ps3 yet~ well not planning to ~~~but i own a PSP.. the psp go seem so phail to me~~ (IMO) (the 1st pic are unrelated~~ suddently i crash into people photoshoot~~gomen nee~~)


the main hall~~ the Mc were the dj~~ i think~~ they were also giving a way free coke & some goodiess~~ ^^


The PS3 Slim corner~~ promoting 4 games~~~, Fifa, Tekken, Uncharted 2 & Little Big Planet~~


PSP Go booth~~~ i wasnt quite impress with the psp go… seem that the controller are quite hard to used &… smaller…. -1 for psp go


The prices tag? RM 1,089.00~~ doesnt seem to be worth that much ~~ better spend abit more for PS3 Slim~~ PSP go = /gg fr me~~


Seem to be alot of people line up for tekken 6 game~~ fifa & little Big Planet are untouch~~lol



CUTE~~ show girls~~





Overall the event was k~~ u guess.. they giving away free stuff who would complain huhuhu~~ will be going for the 3rd day~~ cosplay competition ^^ huray!!! (dont mind naruto in the pic~~~)


11 thoughts on “Malaysia Official Launch for Sony PSP Go & PS3 Slim

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  2. @ultimaweaponx : BUY!~~~~ huhuhu

    @astrayP03 : dont mind him~~~ lol~~~

    @Yi : YUP~~ show girls Are CUTE~~~ lucky they cosplay~~ huhu wont look tat plain~~

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