Nendoroid Zange

Present to u all my nendoroid zange ^^ ~~~ i had her for quite some time, i didnt had the time to do some proper review on her ~~~


Same old, same old.. a standard packing from good smile company ^^ notting change.


Zange come with 2 set of face, 3 set or arm, 2 impurity, 1 necklace and her signboard

The figurine

A 360 deg. view of the figure look cute ~~

I really love her hair, there’s some chipped hair at the side. noting major & it’s quite hard to notice.

More pic of Zange

Here’s some an uncreative shoot from me, lack of imagination. (I lover her expression when she’s not Zange, the plain light blue eyes make her look irresistible).


When u buy zange , u have to buy nagi. It’ll make ur kannagi set complete, luckly they only come out with zange & nagi if not i have to buy the whole set~~.. here’s some shot of nagi & zange.

The impurity are made special to scared nagi off.. well.. can make a drama out of this, but nevertheless because of lack of imagination i cant come out with anything…


I’m quite satisfy with the nendoroid, just that the it’s hard to make it stand on her own, that the only problem that i a counter (same as nagi). Built & color quality are great though ^^


3 thoughts on “Nendoroid Zange

  1. @kluxorious: YESS her hair ARE NICE!!!!!lol^^ manga chapter?.. lol.. that would be along time ~~~

    @phossil: YESS she is ~!!!.. u should buy one ^^

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