Figma Aegis

figma Aegis

Figma Aegis, next review will upload the rest later ^^, stay tuned ^^ review are up ^^.. hope u guys like it..

The Box


Standard Box ^^…

The Pakage

Same as allways ^^…

The Figurine

A 360 view of the figure.. i just notice tat i didnt take the shot.. will take it tonite gomen T_T.. i fogot.. (me = faggot)

More Pic







I would like to highlight about the hand joint, it’s quite different because they didnt put any ball at the end like the rest of my figma, so the hand fall easy. I really dont like that T_T, wonder why they change it, other then that i’m quite satisfy with it ^^. What do expect a mecha girl.. everyone like… Especially when she’s a Mecha girl!!!…

BUY ME!!!… oh yeah.. i was also influance by danny post of Dimension Diver~~


7 thoughts on “Figma Aegis

  1. nice review, i really like how your photo came out and great posing too ^^ really glad i pre ordered her.

    about the hand joint, im sure they changed it because the ball joint requires some force to pull out and as a result many people were left with broken hands or just had a tough time swapping them. i agree the new design doesnt hold very good but at least it wont break ^^

  2. You take awesome action shots. Though the Dimension Diver has a better sculpt (especially the face!) the figma version comes already built, so I just might go for that. Also, nice blog.

  3. @krusty: thanks!! ^^, Dimension Diver are AWESOME!!… but due to the cost constrain & the availabelity of them item .. i cant buy it T_T.. Thanks for visiting ^^

    @phossil: hohoho… really hard to ressit DC poison T_T

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