Comic Fiesta 2009 – Cosplay Report

As allways… a preview… ^^…. will upload later.. well day 1 were quite tiring, i can say there were alot of cosplayers.. i didnt manage to take all of them coz most of the time i was at outside the hall.

It was my 1st CF, wasnt familiar with the are T_T. Hope the pic come out ok ~~~ & Thanks for all the cosser that posed at my lense ^^ u guys are great ^^ if the pic didnt come out ok that’s mean i wasnt good enough T_T

oh yeah .. i miss out some of the cosplayer tat i wanted to see T_T….. i cant find u guys /(T__T)\

oh another thing… i’m the guy who wear pedo bear mask at my back & wearing a white T-shirt~~~ .. (i do look like a stalker T_T)…..


20 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2009 – Cosplay Report

  1. Krusty: .. yeah got CF really have good cosplayer ^^, cirno well she’s cosplaying also ^^

    Rapror_zn: nice to meet u ^^, 1st time meeting u in person there ^^. well can always give me later ^^ on gacc??… ^^

    Phossil: they are ^^

    Spoonknifefork: lol~~~

  2. Oh dear, you got that picture~! XXXXD *laughing like hell it does* I’m the Bride Hatsune Miku (in white knee-length wedding dress) with a Pedobear mask on her face XXXXD

    Thank you so much for taking that picture~~! & thumbs up for the other pictures as well~~^^

  3. I like your photos. :3
    Especially the queen C.C. photo. I wanted to take a photo of her, but couldn’t get the chance. 😦
    And oh, I didn’t know there were 2 Anyas. I only spotted the 2nd Anya.

  4. This is Hitoribocchi a.k.a. TP a.k.a. (OK I have many nicknames, so I stop here). Nice meeting you, raz.

    Indeed, this year’s CF cosplays are better. I may want to daresay that it’s looking much better than our country’s, although they’re upping their quality.

    Overall nice atmosphere, I hope to go to more of such events in Malaysia soon.

  5. Razrig i luv the photo u took soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh!!!!>///<,and thank you for helping me to photoshoot T.T*hug hug*

  6. yafex:No.. loli i think~~~

    Raz: Thanks ^^ nice costume ^^ love the sword

    Junnie: Thanks ^^ yeah.. a miku pedo bear nice one luckly i was sitting there and saw ur wearing a pedo bear mask ^^, i think u notice me ^^

    Kona: i didnt get alot of pic for c.c~~ she went inside the hall.. after that T_T, Thanks ^^

    TP: Nice to meet u there lol ^^, i not quite sure coz this was my 1st cf & also i did go to afa quite comparable with sg ^^, it was a good event tho~~ lotta cosplayer ^^ oh yeah.. the hetalia are asking for their pic ^^.. i’ll give them ur email to them kay?.. seem that they lost ur card T_T, hope see u again ^^

    Megumi: ^^ wellcome.. TQ

    Kaii: ur welcome ^^ & thanks ^^

    * thank for letting me shoot u guys ^^

  7. OMFG my pictures…dang i look god damn fat……==”’
    and my socks is falling down.damn it….sorry i have so much to complain, its not your wrong…. 😦

  8. hey razrig, nice photos.XD
    i was sheryl (red outfit), thanks for the shots~
    lolx…my props died during the event(can see the cracks on the waist belt)@@”

    hope to do a photoshoot wif u possible during gacc2010??
    might have a Alto wif me then~kakaka

  9. emilzy: take out ^^

    Tsubasa88: LETS DO PHOTOSHOOT !!! ^^ would glad to ^^, nice sheryl ^^ +red ver. rarely see sheryl in red. it’s not noticeable so should be ok ^^. Hope see u again ^^

  10. Cameranoob : I did bring ^^ but most of the time i bounce from the ceiling ^^… maybe not a good idea bouncing from ceiling ~.~.. thanks !!! ^^

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