Comic Fiesta 2009 Cosplay – Code Geass

Day 1, Code Geass, there where 2 ver. of code geass in the same group one is the anime ver. the other one is from the Clamp Artbook. Most of the cosplayer are from Melaka ^^. Manage to get them do some shoot on CF09.


Lelouch – Eddron

Suzaku – Huko yee

Suzaku (Clamp Art. ver) – Kuro Mei

Anya – Fang Fang

Den Gino – Woei Kang

C.C. (Clamp Art. ver) – Megumi

And here’s the result~~

The costume were quite nice ^^ love the detail, Thanks guys for posing for me ^^ & letting me shoot u guys ^^,

I’m not quite satisfy with the result T_T… hope u guys like it~~


5 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2009 Cosplay – Code Geass

  1. Blur: Thanks ^^

    Kluxorious: i also need to finish watching the series T_T, Thanks

    Sonic_ver2: C.C is HOT… i didnt manage to get lot of pic of her T_T…. Thanks ^^

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