Comic Fiesta 2009 – Hetalia Axis Power

Day 1, The Hetalia Axis Power Group~~.. well did a shoot with them on CF09 day 1 ^^ quite a fun group^^, ( i dont know much bout hetalia~~~ sorry ~~).


Sweeden – Shadow

Finland – Doublelynn

Denmark – Marr

Switzerland – Nani

Iceland – Vanilla & Prist

Norway – Aki

And the result :-

Hope you guys enjoy the pic ^^, oh yeah ~~ thanks guys for letting me shoot ^^

Well… didnt take alot of pic of them coz i had some other shoot to do~~ T_T sorry ~~~


3 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2009 – Hetalia Axis Power

  1. OMG IT’S HEREEEE! ❤ (this is doublelynn, by the way :3)

    Firstly, thank you so much and sorry for having to wait for us at the 2nd floor on Day 1. OTL
    And also, sorry if we were also macam "tersesat sikit" with poses, etc. XD; *All of us are first-timers at this..*

    Secondly, the SHOTS ARE SO PRETTYYYYYY. ❤ I love them so much! ;_;
    *is a photography-noob so I can't comment much on the lighting etc* Angles are just perfect and well-compromised, though. ❤
    I love the Finland aiming the rifle one. XDDD

    THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN. ;_;)/// Epic photography skills, dude! Looking forward to working with you again!

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