Comic Fiesta 2009 – Ranka Lee

Day 2, Fang Fang Cosplay as Ranka Lee. I’m not quite sure which ver. is this but as far as i remember sheryl also had this ver. but purple in colour. It’s a cute dress + she’s one of the best ranka i seen in person. Really cute, one of my fav. character in Macross Frontier beside Klan Klang ^^.

Thank Fang Fang for the time ^^..


4 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2009 – Ranka Lee

  1. Cameranoob: yeah.. i notice it’s a overexposed T.T when some of my friend told me…. my lcd izzint good for editing T.T.. thanks ^^.. it was hard to get ^^ but worth the jump ^^

    Blur: Thanks blur ^^… editing~~~~~~ sudently… internet /gg~~ TAT

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