Nendoroid Petit – Vocaloid #01

I just got it \(^.^)/, the awaited item arrive in my hand~~~

havent open it…

so cute…

u guys should buy it~~


3 thoughts on “Nendoroid Petit – Vocaloid #01

  1. Nendoroid petits are just too small. Too bad some nendo puchi sets have some characters that have never been figurized before, just like Senjougahara Hitagi. I want the figure and i hate the size, it’s a dilemma!!

    Anyway, don’t just admire their cuteness, open it!! XDXD

  2. @sonic_ver2: yeah they are small ^^ but.. THEY ARE DAMN CUTE!!! ^^.. senjougahara hitagi will be pre-ordering also ^^…

    Already open ^^ will do a proper review later on ^^

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