Comic Fiesta 2009 – C.C & Zero

Day 2, Code geass C.C & Zero, cosplay by Akiko & Akidora zero?… (i didnt get ur name/nick sorry ~~ Thanks Akiko ^^). it was my last shoot for the day. Did quite a few shoot only. Akiko C.C quite nice it was from the R2 ver. with out the the black coat.I was hoping to see c.c with the coat, well at least have c.c ^^. Nice cosplaying + love c.c.

Thanks Akiko & Akidora zero for the time ^^.


3 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2009 – C.C & Zero

  1. oh~~~i saw this zero….(the time he is in a very bad mood…*)
    once i upload day one photo….i might get people help me to tag him~~
    FB—Qian Endless

  2. @Qi-chan : thanks qi-chan ^^.. i didnt notice him till the evening T.T

    @ Akiko : Thanks akiko ^^, hope can shoot u in near future ^^

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