Young Ace #6

Well just got myself Young Ace volume 6 ^^, it was a bundle with ayanami figurine ^^.

Back view an Eva 01 head, It would be great if i can get my hand on it T.T

The figurine, normal pack same as mari.

Can stand on her own. Nice ^^

Back view, look at the curve… word fail me …

side view..

she’s so cute……

comparison between Ayanami & Mari figurine. Ayanami is taller then mari!!! ^^ me, like…

Both figurine are from evangelion 2.0 movie. very nice & detail figure. + it’s free ^^ (oh yeah.. mari are from Newtype magazine.. not young ace~~~)


8 thoughts on “Young Ace #6

  1. That is a very detailed magazine throw-in o.o They really captured her pose well. That’s Ayanami alright.

    What in the name did Newtype do to Mari’s eyes though? and her lips? That’s not Mari, that’s an AV sensei ;-;…

  2. @phossil : lol… no~~~~ the scale lol ^^

    @meimi : U can ^^, only need to do some saving ^^..

    @Ningyo : Yeah the detail are great ^^ considering it’s a free stuff ^^.. i had no comment on mari ^^ she was produce by the same maker ~~

    @Hagman :well.. 1.0 we’re nice ^^ IMO, Yeah detail wise & posed are great ^^

  3. Wow, nice figure, heh heh. I’ll have to see about finding one for myself. BTW, nice blog. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Here’s mine. I just started blogging, so I’m a bit behind, so I appreciate any advice. Thank You

  4. Wormholematt : Thanks ^^, i already add u in ^^

    Kairu : Yeah the figure are nice ^^, i really love the pose ^^

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