Return to Zero Photoshoot (Rin & Len)

click to go to gallery ^^

I have already post this up at my multiply Site, forgot to post it at my blog. Oh well better late then never ^^, the shoot was done last year. I was invited by Blur (naneee ?). They where cosplaying Rin & len from the vocaloid 2, Return to Zero ver.   The cast:-


Rin – Vivian

Len – Wen

Len (normal ver.) – Chikoness (she fell sick at that time had to bail out T.T)




Well, it was fun guys ^^, thanks for letting me join in, hope can shoot u guys again. & Blur thanks for the invite.

This is a late post T.T blur already post it up at his blog long time ago~~ T.T (slowpoke is a slowpoke~~)

oh yeah the gallery~~  Return to Zero


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