GACC 2010 – Day 1 Cosplayer

A preview for GACC 2010 day 1 cosplayer pic ^^….. will upload ASAP~~ next week.

The only bad things is that they change place of the event, from the Hall to Small Class~~ OTL… i was WTH?…

ok~~~ think that all for day 1 ^^… thanks to all cosser that let me take ur pic ^^u guys where great. I didn manage to getalot tho.. i think only get haft of the cosser who come.

Anyway Thanks guys/gurls for letting me shoot ^^ u guys are great


5 thoughts on “GACC 2010 – Day 1 Cosplayer

  1. hihi~i’m penguin~can i take the photosIMG 9758~9767??i’m the holding pan’s girl(aph-hun.gary) n the glasses gal(aph-aus.tria)is my partner~and IMG9760’s kaito is my fren too~i want to put it in my fb n cosplay site~the photos u took r damn great~!!i love it~!!^_^

  2. Lol. Damn you are fast!! Can’t wait to get home to start on mine.

    Really Excellent pictures!
    Now imagine if you had a 550D Xp

  3. Klux : ada ^^.. yess yuu is emo-ing~~
    vivian : picture up ^^.. i think i lost u on day1 & day 2… Orz
    Penguin : sure take take ^^ it’s urs ^^ if u want high res just msn me ^^
    Blur : normal hohoho…….. thanks ^^ … er… do i need to imagine now?

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