GACC 2010 – Day 2 Cosplayer

GACC Day 2, well the even when back to the main hall.. luckly there was air-cond. & luckly no cosplayer were dead because of the hot class room on the day 1. well here’s the cosser on day 2 GACC ^^.. enjoy~~

AT LAST.. i manage to finish it up ^^~~ hope all the cosser who in the album like it ^^~~~ thanks ya all ^^

*special thanks to Kclee & Blur coz fetching me to go to GACC…. (unexpected thing happen a week before gacc.. i was planing not to go~~ luckly they manage to persude me ^^)


2 thoughts on “GACC 2010 – Day 2 Cosplayer


    I spot my pics hur hur… thanks so much for the pics! but I has a request >< any way I can get the higher res versions? *o*

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