Banpresto DX Figure – Sheryl Nome (Swimsuit ver.)

Apparently haven’t been blogging bout figurine for quite along time now, well luckly i got my self a new figure (cheap figure that is). Manage to complete my Macross Frontiers Girls figure from Banpresto, Previously bought Klan Klang & Ranka, now sheryl grab from Xl-shop.

The box

The box is quite taller then Ranka & Klan Klang Box & seem abit skinny-er. Box art noting impressive.

The packaging

Same as Klan Klang & Ranka, the figure where wrap with bubble wrap & figurine were divided in to 2.

The figure

Surprisingly the the pose are really nice.. i really like sheryl pose even though she’s not my favorite.

Random angle picture


Well it is a cheap figurine, cant expect much to it, if ur considering to buy it here’s some of the reference that u can get ^^. ( i’m not a sheryl Nome retard so.. i don’t comment much ..). lastly u pay for what u get. (the face look a bit odd there.. same goes for ranka.. only klan klang face look decent).

Group shoot

Lastly show u guys the full set of the Banpresto Macross Frontiers Girl (in swimwear) -Klan Klang, Sherly & Ranka

Klan Klang are the most cutest off all 3…, pose wise sheryl win, Ranka… she just being ranka..

A cheap collection it is, does it worth the buy?.. well for those don’t mind the quality & love Macross frontiers.. sure it is.. it’s cheap..


3 thoughts on “Banpresto DX Figure – Sheryl Nome (Swimsuit ver.)

  1. I like the one called Sheryl Nome. She has a very original posture, very natural, plus the fact that she’s holding her sunglasses in one of her hand. This is a detail out of the ordinary.
    You did not mention how tall she is or what would be her approximate scale.
    I would like an answer if possible.
    From my part, I am a figurine collector and also a figurine creator and a scale modeler (cars, trucks and I craft diorama items for specific scales).
    Many thanks for the information supplied and the pictures.
    Florent Beauchemin

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