Recent Cosplay Shoot

A teaser the most recent one i did, Hatsune Miku, Palette World Breakdown, 1 pic teaser for all. Awesome cosplay By devilene

Magnet Rin & len (black ver.) Full set at Multipy .  1st time doing magnet, only got a couple off good shoot , the cosser are nice tho ^^. cosplay by Fang Fang – Len, Lavena – Rin

My 1st model shoot, lucky Byo accepted my offer to be my model ^^. Haven’t post the whole album yet though & again, only manage to take a couple of shoot due to the time constrain.

Absolute random studio shoot, Lavena, Aster & Angie brought their stuff & did a small season of studio shoot with no theme at all, the swap costume hahaha, it was fun though & end up finish it at 4am in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Recent Cosplay Shoot

  1. Daymien : Er.. i’m cosplaying but i do take photo for the cosplayer ^^ thanks daymien. ^^

    Phossil : Yeah the cosser are awesome ^^, Thanks. I’m still learning ^^

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