Mini Figure – Hatsune miku (Sakura No Ame ver.) ‘Sega’

Well, been having a quite busy month, April, May & Jun doesn’t seem so nice for me.. T.T had less time for my blog.

Presenting Sega Mini Figure – Hatsune Miku (sakura No Ame ver.). is kinda like a nendoroid but with less movable joint (only the head can be move around), but its include a nice background for Miku ^^.

The Box

The box are quite small (really small) it almost the same size as a Nendoroid puchi box but a bit bulky. Notting special bout it, only that it show some of the mini figure at the side showing other ver. of mini figure that Sega came out with (Miku, Rin & Luka).

The Packaging

Miku were put into a plastic seal, or, packaging. Quite safe, i think (it manage to get trough PA delivery without a scratch).

The mini figure were divided into 3 part, miku, the base & a small stand. Instruction manual can be find at the bottom of the box, an odd place to put an instruction haha.

The Figure

Well.. I’m extremely like Miku!!!.. hahaha, she’s cute, with that kinda price tag the quality are ok. The expression are cute.

Random Pic


Overall the mini figure are cute, are quite reasonable with the price. Quality wise it quite decent, the color are nice. for those Mikuretard you guys should get 1 ^^. Next review will be up for sega mini figure the other ver. of miku ^^, will try to do it ASAP.


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