Resident Evil Photoshoot

Recently join a group shoot for the RE team, i only manage to cover some of them, due to the time constraint. We went up hill to the Genting Higland, quite a nice place to shoot & its cool at nite… Orz

Here’s the cast for that day shoot

Cosplayers :
Chris Redfield (Code Veronica) – Sparda
Albert Wesker (RE 5) – Dante
Jill Valentine (RE 3) – Akiko.Wolf
Leon S. Kennedy (Darkside Chronicles) – Dyrenz
Ada Wong (Darkside Chronicles) – Aikoko
Claire Redfield (Darkside Chronicles) – Nightress
Rebecca Chambers (RE Zero) – Skypeg

photographers : –
KC Lee
Solomon Freeman

helpers :
Akiko’s sista
Aster Mbek

Allen Yap – thanks for the guide

Hope u guys enjoy the pic~~~


2 thoughts on “Resident Evil Photoshoot

  1. Awesome, awesome works Raz!!! Thank you so much for giving us the honor to be your photo subjects~ =D

    We greatly appreciate yours, Blur’s and KC’s hardwork~ Let’s work together again in the future? =3

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