ACM 2010 (Johor)

Asia Cosplay Meet, it was a last minute plan. it turn out ok~~Thanks to all cosplayer that share a bit of their time for me ^^ U guys are great bothSG & MY cosser ^^. Got the chances to meet with Kluxorious ^^. .

when there with Kusakabemisao & Blur ^^.. photo are still uploading…. Orz..


3 thoughts on “ACM 2010 (Johor)

  1. Nice meeting you guys.

    I love the trio pictures since I first saw them RAW. And I think among all the cosplayer, my favorite gotta be Maka. She is just so “complete”.

    By the way, any idea who won the competition?

  2. @Klux : nice meeting u there klux XD will be meeting u next time?CF10? XD

    @Phossil : thanks XD… yeah they are great XD

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