National Manga Competiton 2010 (Malaysia) – Launch

Apparently i was invited by Ms. Ruzzana Roseley via email to attend the launching for the National Manga Competition 2010. Well was quite surprise with the invite, but apparently it was on weekdays, kind of hard for me to attend it, but manage to. Actually i don’t know much bout the competition, to be frank I never heard it before. After receiving an email notice that the event was held 1st time was last year, I’m pretty much miss the whole event last year.

Detail on the National Manga Competition 2010 :-

Begin : 30th June 2010

End : 30th November 2010

Categories :

– Amateur (18years onward)

– Secondary (13 -17 Yearsof age)

– Primary (7- 12 years of age)

Prizes : Cash & Prizes Worth RM 15,000.00

Info : To enter please head to their website… XD

Website :

Bellow are the report for the National Manga Competition 2010 :-


Well get back to the launching. The launching was supposed to start at 10.00am but delay a bit. No harm were done, they let us enjoy the food there 1st quite a nice breakfast + it’s free.

After His Excellency Masahiko Horie arrive the event start up by Mr. Richard Yeow the Senior Director & General Marketing Business Imaging Solution Division from Canon. They are promoting a new canonfoto product that have been rename to Wedoo Photobook (more info at

The 2nd speech was from Mr. Kamil Othman the Vice President of Creative Multimedia Department, Industrial Development Division from Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.. I’m quite impressed with what he say, pretty much bout how the manga world should evolved in Malaysia.

The last speech was The Ambassador of Japan in Malaysia, Mr. Masahiko Horie. He was pretty good speaking Malay, I was quite surprise and a quite a friendly guy.

He was talking bout the world cub …  Japan loose izzit? ( i dont watch tv or read newspaper.. nor world cup…)

The opening ceremony, push the button part, there was alot of people taking pic.. manage to take from above… (live view win~~ but my lense fail me.. not wide enought… CANON BORROW ME A LENSE~~~)

Mr. Masahiko Horie were given an asto boy statute, the statute were hand made.. its the one an only, pretty impress with the work XD.

There as also some cosplayer, to be exact 4 only XD well.. just to cheer up the event..

Mr. Masahiko Horie handing down his signature to the last year manga entry ( i think they sell the book… but never seen it..)

Manage to get a pic of the hand sculpt astro boy statute…. it look like chocolate…

* Overall it the launch was short.. new experience for me XD, & it was my 1st time being invited as a media ^^

Thanks to Canon for the invite .. & breakfast… & sorry for going back so fast … Orz


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