Hatsune Miku – World is MINE (Solo Shoot)

Well as per tittle..  World is mine again i did a ad-hoc shoot, this time with suan luckly she accept it.. Thanks Suan & Nic XD u guys rox

Cosplayer : Suan

Helper : Nic

Photoghrapher : razrig aka me~~

Random stuff :-

Lately i been doing alot of night shooting.. i mean ALOT, day time seem to be more less then the previous month. Start to wonder why did i end up at cosplay photography? as i look back i notice that i like to look picture of anime character, make me feel that the character is real & alive. But will that passion last? would i end up at different place after all those shoot?


4 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku – World is MINE (Solo Shoot)

  1. Let’s hope the passion lasts. 😀 Where will us cosplayers go to for pretty pictures if you leave the scene~?? *w*

    But if you feel like moving onto bigger, brighter things, no one’s gonna stop you. XD Whatever you do, just do your best and be proud of what you’re doing. ^.^b

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