“Random rants”

It’s been along time i haven’t blog bout anime/figure & stuff most of the time the only post that will come out is either is a cosplayer picture or an event that have cosplayer in it. Feel that i’m being far far far far away from the anime blogging section.

i havent did any anime reveiw nor any figure review, gundam kit have stop production on my room, still have couple of boxes that havent been open. Wish can go back  to the day i did anime/figure blogging its quite fun~~ this blog become more like a cosplay blog then an anime/figurine blog Orz..


2 thoughts on ““Random rants”

  1. Never the less, I still enjoy your cosplay photoshoots very much. Blogging is tough. For me, I tend to post on whatever interests me at the time. I do not have a set post focus, nor do I post regularly. A large part of me wants to make my blog more personal on things that are directly interesting to me, and another part of me wants to offer something to the readers.

    I do not comment much, but I do read a lot of posts and look at a lot of your photos. Keep up the good work, and happy blogging ^^;

  2. kyle : Thanks man XD.. but still i miss my anime review… nowdays kinda lazy to review… i wish i still have those passion… same.. here… kinda..like less post comment on people blog Orz… its bad.. T.T

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