Final Fantasy 13 – Lightning Solo

Another Backlog photoshoot pic that i havent post up…

Lightining from the Final Fantasy 13 series, was cosplay by Kizuna. Love how she posed, she was pretty much good at posing. ^^ + she made her costume by herself nicely done xD

Character : Lightning

Cosser : Kizuna

Photographer : Razrig aka me..

Helper : er.. bear and…. kinda forgot their name T.T……….. (i’m so fail at remembering..)

one of my earliest night shoot, the quality wasn’t that good. Notice how the picture are kinda blur, will work hard to improve this. Sorry kizuna if the photo doesn’t turn out good T.T

+ Seriously really thankful with ur friend, if there’s no one to help me its kinda hard to shoot in low light XD.

lets do redo it!!! XD


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