Code Geass Picnic~~ (quick edit)

Code Geass Picnic ver.~~

Did a shoot last week~~ well hate to pile up my photo so~~ here’s a quick edit~~ (not include aftermath Orz…. later i guess…)

Cast :-


Lelouch Lamperouge – Suan

Suzaku Kururugi – Huko

Euphemia li Britannia – fishy

Helper :-

Nic, Jayrock, Jayrock sis  (i think…), Fishy mom XD

Photographer :-

KcLee (videographer also)


Awesome time with u guys XD~~ lets do more XD…


4 thoughts on “Code Geass Picnic~~ (quick edit)

  1. Nice work!! 😀 Love the character portrayals~ The scenery is just so nice~ *A*

    *fangirls over the LuluxSuzu shots* fufufufu~ XDD

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