~C2age 2011~ Day 1

It been ages since my last post, i kinda slowdown in posting due to insufficient space on this blog Orz.. can post much picture now.. only post some at my facebook and the good one at my deviantart.

well last week there was a quite a good event held at tropicana mall, (c2age) it was better then last year. Lots of cosplayer, photog, more space for people to move around. can also refer to last year c2age2010.

so here’s all the pic for day 1 i took~~ enjoin it XD

I notice that i have a bad habit of staying in 1 place for along long long long time (like 5hours)… i end up not seeing much of the event Orz… and didnt meet much on the new cosplayer arond.. Orz


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