Photography (My History?)


A 35mm is one of my favourite focal length that I love to use on A full frame or in a crop sensor camera.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Haven’t been coming back here for a while like a year or so. My last post stated that I was running a way for a while, but it’s seem that kinda or in a way still running. Oh well let me get back to the actually stuff that I wanted to wrote down here, as the title said “photography” may or may not break it down to a couple of post maybe.. See how it’s goes.

Start of with my photography history, I started to do/take/learn/play with photography when I got my first DSLR on around August 2010, with the purpose to provide a better photo for this blog for my event/figure review, I never thought of talking cosplay as the major/main purpose for photography. It was fun learning how to take shot and all those needed to do to get a good shot for just a figure photo, but I’m kinda like literally bad at it by looking back at my old photos of stuff that I taken. I had took a lot of random stuff (actually nowdays also I’m kinda doing the same thing.. A lot of random stuff). I started with a Canon 1000D with a kit lense, it was he cheapest DSLR that I could find at the time, oh ya at that time there was an event a cosplay event a day after bought it. With the passion that I had that time, I took the 1000D for a shoot. Don’t quite remember how the hell I took the photo at that time but as I remember end up taking with JPEG file with automatic setting, with out knowing that DSLR are meant to be shot by RAW file to get the full potential of the camera. By looking at the photo I shoot back then I pretty much did a very awesome job of using a DSLR without thinking. I also remember buying a superzoom 18-200 sigma lense, looking back I notice that I really wasted money on it. It wasn’t practical using a superzoom for my usage back then, but lucky manage to sell it off. For the next few month of using the 1000D I only look a lot of figure photo and a lot of kinda like a landscape or something photo or.. Maybe was it a traveling photo? Oh yeah another thing, at that time I was back to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi to exact, was working there till 2009 only subject that I had was a Hatsune Miku figma and a HG 00 gundam. It become my subject of interest till I finish my job at Abu Dhabi.

Well learning from the past.. I notice that I’m quite stupid back then not quite sure if I really try to learn how to use the 1000D or just use it as a point shoot camera. Anyway that’s it for today maybe will  continue this later on, maybe on a better story or point. History are not my best point, I kinda like hate history. Till next time, enjoy photo above XD

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