up and a date

DSC04709 copy

Hey! it’s been a while. I haven’t done anime-ish related stuff lately, other then watching anime, tv series & the not so occasion photoshoot. i wanted to like up date this blog at least once a year. Looking back at it, this blog really lack of material to post up, actually i dont know what to post with all the new social media stuff like facebook, twitter, instagram & all other stuff, blogging seem to be outdated. Even for forums, most of the forum that i look at previously been less active with people. As time fly people & method change, it’s not a bad thing. But a part of me wanted to see the old stuff still active & surviving so i can go there & be my old self.

so since this is an Anime related blog, i should post something like a click bait for people to like fall for it, hence the unrelated photos above hahaha

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