Life Size RX-78 Gundam

Its .... its.... ALIVE!!!!!

It's .... it's.... ALIVE!!!!!

Credit to Punynari (Moe Passion), for updating us that is not in japan~~~ he took alot of photo of the newly assemble scale 1/1 RX-78 Gundam in japan. It was the final day before he leave Japan. He got to see a real size gundam ^^



For more photo refer to below link :-
Part 1 of Assembled Gundam Coverage
Part 2 of Assembled Gundam Coverage

I really wish i was there!!!!!!!!!!!

Bandai 1/72 Queadluun-Rea Klein Klan’s Unit – ^_^

Rea Klein Klan's Unit

Bandai will came out 1/72 Queadluun-Rea Klein Klan’s Unit – September release, the prices TBA… the model shown at shizuoka Hobby Show 2009. At last klan klan model kit is coming~~~~~~ well they are also showing some other kit like G Unicorn Gundam and Kshatriya, Gundam RX78 new ver, MG exia (quite cool~!!!). September would be a wonderfull month!!!!

source ngeekhiong