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Hey! it’s been a while. I haven’t done anime-ish related stuff lately, other then watching anime, tv series & the not so occasion photoshoot. Continue reading


Final Fantasy 13 – Lightning Solo

Another Backlog photoshoot pic that i havent post up…

Lightining from the Final Fantasy 13 series, was cosplay by Kizuna. Love how she posed, she was pretty much good at posing. ^^ + she made her costume by herself nicely done xD Continue reading

Tekken Photoshoot ^^


Tekken 6 is a registered electronic game by Namco-Bandai being the eighth game in the massive series. Characters featured are Jin Kazama, Sergei Dragunov and Zafina.


Cosplayers :

Jin Kazama – Zymz,

Sergei Dragunov – Dante Margera

Zafina – Nightress

Photographer :

Razrig, Illy

Gallery : Razrig Multipy , Illy Flickr

Overview :- well it’s was an accident photoshoot~~ i didnt expect to do any photoshoot that day haha.. but it was quite fun ^^ and the cosplayer were great ^^ thanks for letting me crashing in ^^~~ Domo Arigato gozaimasu ^^ (oh yeah the shoot where done at 1U roof top on the sony PS3 slim & PSP go launch day ^^)