Rebuild of Evangelion EX Figure: Rei Ayanami


Ayanami Rei is my all time favorite character of all time… really she re-innovate the way i look at girls….the figure are from sega.. seem that the quality are much better then banpresto C.C.. The pose that she show is on episode 2 of NGE when she’s on the hanger going to her eva.. shinji was looking at her and notice that she was holding a spec holder..


really love her look


 this was the angle that was showen on the anime.. kinda..


 the body figure of a 14 years old.. do they have this body figure in real life??? 

Overall Sega got better quality the banpresto.. From all 5 five figure compare to 2 banpresto sega show less defect then banpresto. The quality are there, the prices are resonable and the figure come out quite nice.. now I’m waiting for the next sega figure from evangelion 1.0 they haven’t announce anything yet but in HLJ they have open a pre-order for the next figure.. They note it’s a secret figure.. Wonder why.. 🙂

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