Asu no Yoichi – Episode 10 – (Struggle to The Death at The Secret Hotsprings)


Eichi Level getting less and less nowday in this anime, well anyway the storry go on~~~.. episode 10, the anime getting abit serious, well just abit.. Yoichi and the gang when to the hot springs that ibuki won. It turn out to be a Huge hot spring spot but none of other visitor were there.

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Asu no Yoichi – Episode 9 (Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival)


Fan-services at the begin of the episode.. nice.. anyway.. The episode mainly bout wa-san and ayame, ayame misunderstood wa-san thinking he confessing his love to her. Wa-san invite everyone to asamigawa’s evening festival with some trick on his sleeve but end up with ayame. The bad guy show him & herself to yoichi. The bad guy end up to be a guy who got love struck to ibuki (same case as wa-san even worse). Ibuki won a lottery to a hot spring (was plan by the bad guy & his sis).

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Asu no Yoichi – Episode 5 (Let’s Go On A Date)


The 5th Episode is kinda like a general episode, can’t expect much. In this episode yoichi got ask for a date from a junior at his school. Ibuki was extremely shock (jealous) and end up with a practice date with yoichi. Ibuki suggested the practice date idea because she don’t want his date to think bad bout her dojo/him/etc.

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Asu no Yoichi – Episode 4 (Chihaya pretending to be Chihaya)


Episode 4 is more about the 3nd daughter in the ikaruga family, chihaya a mangaka,cute, open minded then the other, manipulated and like to collect data from a situation. Chihaya been working partime as a mangaka and study at the same time, being a mangaka she had less friends then the other sister. as usual yoichi a pervert and help out chihaya.

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Asu no Yoichi – Episode 3 (Strip and Burn)


Some people have to strip to show their true potential,.. i would never do that.. lol.. anyway let’s start the review, in episode 3 a new challenger came to se yoichi, both a girl from the tsubame flowing style, Tsubame Tsukasa and her guardian, takatsukasa angela. Both were send to defeat yoichi inorder to regain financial aid to revieved their fighting style. Tsukasa enter yoichi school with an intention of being a normal girl, but where misunderstood by angela who thought that tsukasa doing it to be closed to yoichi so that she can defeat him. As always yoichi being the chick magnet and get beat up by ibuki. School start and end without any fighting.

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Asu no Yoichi – Episode 2 (Welcome to Yokko)


In This Episode yoichi when to school become a chick magnet, get beat-up by ibuki (jealous i think), wa-san pick a fight with yoichi in school. Wa-san get beat-up, ibuki help give wa-san abit of moral support, after school yoichi got fever. Tsundere sister ayame cook congee (wat the hell is congee??) for yoichi.. but fail, loli sis kagome help up.

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Asu no Yoichi – Episode 1 (The Samurai is Here)


Asu no Yoichi, can be consider as a comedy, action, ecchi, school drama anime. Is about a boy, karasuma yoichi who live at a mountain with his father and train martial art (ukiha divine wind style), become too strong for his father and where ask to go to the city live with the father friend who currently out of the city (dont kno where the hell they went) and left their daughters, kagome, ayame, chihaya and ibuki at home.

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