i can’t breathe,

i’m alone facing all this trouble. i can’t talk to anyone. i can’t hold it much longer. i felt depress stress, i can’t get new work. i can’t afford all this. no one help me when i’m down. no one would give me a hand.

Photography (My History?)


A 35mm is one of my favourite focal length that I love to use on A full frame or in a crop sensor camera.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Haven’t been coming back here for a while like a year or so. My last post stated that I was running a way for a while, but it’s seem that kinda or in a way still running. Oh well let me get back to the actually stuff that I wanted to wrote down here, as the title said “photography” may or may not break it down to a couple of post maybe.. See how it’s goes.

Start of with my photography history, I started to do/take/learn/play with photography when I got my first DSLR on around August 2010, with the purpose to provide a better photo for this blog for Continue reading

Random stuff in mind


Really lost the passion for posting up photo here due to the insufficient space. Just to remind myself of the overall year that i been through :-

2009 – was ok.
2010 – was fun.
2011 – was great.
2012 – getting shallow.