Gundam 00 Riser (00 & 0 riser) – 1/144 kit


 Gundam OO Riser, The most powerfull gundam in Gundam 00 season 2 series, got my hand on the 1/144 kit. quite small but it’s really a nice kit, i didnt get the kit with both 0 riser & 00 bought the seperate one (it didnt came out when i was at home.. ~_~ now at abu dhabi already…). Manage to finish this kit last month and did some photo shot last nite… but with a crapy internet right now, it’s hard to update blog… (lousy/slow/stupid/~!@#$%^&*)… 


00 Riser look really long…. the add-on on the GN-drive make it huge..  (didnt assamble the other sword.. lazy… well one is enought)..


The aticulation for the 00 are much better then the Exia 


 Some closed up.. the waist can be bend


I didnt bring any stand here, borrow from 0 riser, it came with a small stand but lucky it can fit to 00.


0 Riser… well.. quite dull without any decal or colouring… 


did some mistake on the lining… have to repair it but.. dont have the proper tool… 


just hanging out….  


 Gundam 00 .. again..


 0 Riser….


Miku decided to joint in…… well notting much to do.. 


 away.. with the wind… (miku said..) ~_~



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